El Capitan (2,308m) is a vertical rock face in Yosemite National Park in California and one of our exstudents summited the sheer, granite rock faces several years ago with careful preparation but no former experience. This sums up Anthony Ford’s sense of adventure and thirst for physically challenging exploits which he has engaged in all around the globe. He astounds many who know him but for his teachers, there are never any real surprises, as according to Anthony, they collectively recognised and fostered his strengths allowing him to explore all that was ultimately important to him in meeting his destiny with confidence.

With no year 11 or 12 on offer at Linuwel School at the time, Anthony attended Linuwel School for twelve years (K-10) and then, after completing his senior studies at St Marys in Maitland, he returned to Linuwel to work as a classroom assistant, working primarily with students with disabilities and volunteering as a camp assistant throughout the school. All the while, his passion and capacity for sports and outdoor activities continued to develop strongly. He inspired and coached a Linuwel high school soccer team, eventually travelling to Vanuatu with them on a cultural and sporting tour, he supported students (along with a teacher here and there!) on many an arduous trek up a mountain on school camp, all the while relishing the opportunity to be still involved with Linuwel School in some capacity. He continues to still pop up as a camp helper every now and then if he can. He is a valuable addition to outdoor activities with his enthusiasm, warmth and inspiring capacity for embracing physical challenges.

Anthony has travelled extensively to destinations that offer adventure and extreme physical challenges…. Challenges being at the top of his list! He is an accomplished snowboarder, surfer, soccer striker and he loves abseiling, in fact, that is how he spends his working hours! Anthony has worked in high rope access for many years, both in Australia and overseas performing maintenance, installing anchor points and cleaning on high rise buildings. He recognised a need, launched his own high rope access business in the Sydney and this enterprise is a thriving, highly successful venture. In his spare time, Spiderman (aka Anthony Ford) is periodically seen scaling the walls of the Children’s Hospital in Sydney, thrilling the children with his antics and super hero costume!
Anthony recently customised a Royal Enfield motor bike, added a sidecar and surprised his 84yearold dad with the trip of a life time travelling from Sydney to Hobart on the bike the entire way! They share a passion for motor bikes and this trip saw them travelling over 5,000kms together with Anthony’s dad tucked safely and comfortably (so he says!) in the sidecar. A heart- warming tale of adventure to add to both men’s biographies.