“Daily requirements are detailed in the ‘Information for Parents’ page. There you will find information relating to Work Health and Safety, medical conditions, punctuality, attendance, transport, school outings and camps, food, clothing, and access to electronic media.”


To support the teachers in their work with the children there are some guidelines and requirements in relation to various aspects of the school day, including:

  • Punctuality and attendance: for the rhythm of the day and continuity of lessons it is important that the students arrive at school on time and don’t take holidays during term time.
  • Class outings and camps: these are an integral and compulsory part of the school program. Impromptu outings within school hours may take place to local destinations.
  • Transport: the school is well served by trains and school buses to Newcastle and elsewhere in the Hunter Valley, however this is not suitable for the preschool and kindergarten children, who need to travel to and from school with a parent or carer..
  • Dress: there is no school uniform. A dress code has been established to ensure that clothing is appropriate for the school environment.
  • Food: apart from occasional fundraising activities there is no canteen and students need to bring a healthy and nutritious morning tea and lunch.
  • Electronic devices: personal electronic devices are not used at school. There are guidelines relating to screen time for younger children, and acceptable use of IT and social media in the school context.

More detailed information is contained in the ‘Information for Parents’ page. Click here to view.