“The students’ powers of reasoning and judgement are truly awakening and the teacher is leader and guide in the search for truth.”


In these years learning is more thought orientated and students are challenged with tasks relevant to their individual growth, in preparation for their further education and life beyond school. Activities which involve the whole person engender the deep engagement with learning that occurs across the school, and students are encouraged to develop an inquiring mind in relation to world events and the big questions of life. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are acknowledged without judgement or ridicule, promoting genuine self-awareness and esteem. The educational philosophy encourages cooperation rather than competition, which is not promoted beyond team games and occasional sporting challenges.

The class guardian takes on the pastoral care role for these years, and is supported by specialist teachers and facilities in the various subject areas. National literacy and numeracy testing is a government requirement for year 7 and 9 students. Content from both the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and the NESA curriculum is incorporated in the program which includes english, maths, science, history, geography, PDHPE, the arts, design and technology, IT, eurythmy, and in some years languages – Indonesian, French or Japanese depending on the class’s interest and aptitude. Homework is gradually introduced for reinforcement or completion of class work, rising to 1-2 hours by year 10. Camps and outdoor activities continue to be an integral part of the program. Students completing Year 10 receive a Year 10 Certificate as a record of their achievement for future employers or other educational institutions, however the NSW RoSA is not awarded.