We acknowledge and pay respects to the Wonnarua people, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which Linuwel School gratefully lives and grows. We acknowledge that the entire nation of Australia has been cared for by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for tens of thousands of years. May the cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue and may Linuwel School promote and facilitate amongst its community members respectful, trusting, and positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Linuwel ngarralbaa marrungbu Wonnarua guridjar barray
Nyiirun marrungbu yii barray-marrung guri guba barrayba
Nyiirun marrungbu gurila bangay butunga ngarraba djuya
barray guwiyn-baa
Ginyaang-djukal nguka ngarraba gatha nyiirunang

Our Vision

Our vision is a school that provides a contemporary, relevant education that empowers students to meet their destiny with certainty through a sense of connection to place and community, self-knowledge, courage, compassion, and creativity. The aim of the educational experience at Linuwel School is to develop empathetic individuals who can contribute with purpose and direction to the renewal of the world for the betterment of all.

“Our highest endeavour is to develop young men and women who out of themselves are able to impart meaning and direction to their own lives.”
Rudolf Steiner

Linuwel School Mission

Our mission is to provide an educational pathway inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s indications that inspires an inherent love of learning and personal striving along with the capacity for imagination. The school promotes and protects a feeling for goodness and for beauty in childhood and feeling for truth together with the capacity for critical thinking in the high school years to provide a healthy foundation for the unfolding of individual potential. In its valuing of community and relationships, the school encourages gratitude, resilience, responsibility, compassion, and creative thinking in our students.

The Values of Linuwel School encompass the following:

  • Anthroposophy. We endeavour to work with the principles of anthroposophy making them tangible within the school. Anthroposophy is the wellspring from which Steiner education finds its meaning.
  • Collaboration. We work in the spirit of collaboration with the various bodies of the school. We value an approach that fosters collaboration over competition as the basis for both individual achievement and community harmony; we strive to make every classroom a learning community. We operate out of consensus, in the appropriate school forums.
  • Inclusive Community. We acknowledge the inherent worth and dignity of all students to build and sustain a sense of belonging; we value and respect the beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of all community members. We support the development of community amongst students, parents, teachers, and all those involved with the school. We endeavour to integrate with and be active members of our local community.
  • Evidence based best practice. We work out of current best practice for schooling in accordance with the indications given by Rudolf Steiner and with due consideration to and engagement with current educational research.
  • Fairness and Due Process. In social, interpersonal, and professional interactions, we operate out of equity, fairness, natural justice, the use of due process, and Restorative Practices.
  • Professionalism. We comply at all times with a professional code of conduct and the Australian National Teacher Standards for teachers.
  • Respect. We honour and respect the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Wonnarua people, and the rights of pupils, parents, employees, and all stakeholders of the School. We respect and value the uniqueness of each individual student, recognising that each is on a path of biographical development unfolding their sacred essence of Self.