“Developing initiative and capacity to be successful learners and participants in further education, the workforce and society”.

Linuwel School offers a unique opportunity for students to undertake a Year 11-12 program which will prepare them for tertiary education and for their future as confident learners and contributors to society. It does this without the pressure of, and focus on, high-stakes testing. It provides the learning environment for students to develop qualities and capacities to meet the needs of the future, such as analytical, practical and creative thinking and the capacity to be successful self- directed learners. The school has been registered with NESA to provide this program, comprising Stage 6 (Years 11/12) Board Developed Courses (including English and Maths) and school-developed Board Endorsed Courses, which include elements of a senior Steiner curriculum such as Philosophy and the ‘Major Project’ in Year 12. Students do not sit for the HSC but receive a Year 12 Certificate of Achievement. There is an ever-increasing number of pathways available for our students who wish to undertake university studies to gain entry without sitting for the HSC exams. Many tertiary institutions have shown a keenness to accept students from Steiner schools, recognising the potential they display to succeed in this environment.

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