“A not-for-profit company with a Board-appointed Principal and an active College of Teachers”.


The School is a not-for-profit company under the jurisdiction of the ACNC. The Company comprises about 12 Members from whom the six Company Directors are elected. The Board of Directors is responsible for the proper operation of the School and the School’s strategic direction. They delegate the day-to-day management of the School to the Head of School, whom they appoint.

The School has a Head of School, Business Manager, Deputy Principal and Coordinators in the primary school and high school. In accordance with the Company Constitution there is an Education Committee comprising the Head of School, Realm Coordinators and one or two other experienced teachers. This Committee is responsible for setting and implementing the education policy in the School. This is done in close collaboration with the teaching staff and generally consensus is reached on educational and administrative matters.

Each class teacher is responsible for accepting new enrolments and liaising with parents on all matters pertaining to the students in their class.

Abigail Sawyer – Head of School

Siubhan Sadler – Business Manager

Siubhan SadlerMy Linuwel journey started in the late 1980s when I came to the Kindergarten as a precocious 4½ year old. I was privileged to be taught by Margaret Caisley (one of the school’s founders) in Kindergarten, Diana Scott for Primary and Tracey O’Leary for High School.

I left Linuwel to continue my studies with the HSC followed by Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Newcastle. I worked for seven years as an energy efficiency and waste reduction consultant throughout NSW. During that time I became highly proficient at spreadsheets and working with small and medium businesses to achieve the environmental outcomes they wanted while still being able to maintain or improve their budget bottom line. I maintained a connection with Linuwel through my younger siblings who were also making their way through the school.

When I came to work at Linuwel in mid-2017 I had no idea what was in store for me. I thought I was coming on to provide temporary relief in finance. But as time went by, my role expanded – almost without me realising it – until at last the Board, through Greig Scott (Business Manager) and Tracey O’Leary (Principal), asked me to consider taking on the role of Business Manager as he moved towards retirement.

Stepping up to a role of this importance and breadth is an exciting new challenge for me. I bring my passion for numbers, spreadsheets, systems and resource efficiency to the role and I look forward to working to ensure that Linuwel is here to continue to provide future generations of children with the same wonderful Steiner education that I received.