Funding extended for the Phase 2 NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan

Phase 2 Action Plan is a cross sectoral initiative designed to improve student outcomes through enhancing capacity of school leaders and their staff.

The key elements underpinning the Phase 2 Action Plan in Kindergarten to Year 2 literacy and numeracy include:

  • instructional leadership;
  • diagnostic assessment;
  • differentiated teaching; and
  • tiered interventions.

Following four years of participation in the funded project, the School’s involvement in the action plan was scheduled to finish at the end of 2020. This was to culminate with a visit to Linuwel School from school principals and executive members from a selection of the thirty-eight other NSW schools who have also participated in the project. The impacts of COVID -19 have seen the cancellation of this proud moment for our school; however, it was an honour to be selected as one of the schools to showcase the excellent teaching practice in our primary classrooms. There has been good news as well.  In light of the impacts of COVID – 19 on the ability of the School’s Instructional Leadership Team to engage fully with the action plan in 2019, the state government has decided to continue the funding into 2021.