Linuwel School students and dedicated teachers along with students from the Central Coast Steiner School came together over two days last week with a shared focus on playing beautiful music together! The classes from both schools camped together at the school, shared meals together and socialised with interest and enthusiasm. The music teachers from both schools, Karen and Felicity, are to be commended; they worked expertly and tirelessly to build the students skills in a large range of instruments so the students could be immersed in the experience of participating in an orchestra of at least one hundred students! The students’ general appreciation of music was also enhanced and deepened. Zoe and Jane F supported the initiative with enthusiasm not only as teachers but as accomplished musicians.

This exciting collaboration culminated in an inspiring performance which I, along with other Linuwel families and friends, were treated to on Saturday afternoon. Thanks so much to the Central Coast Steiner School for hosting this event in 2019.

Plans for next year’s music camp are already in the pipeline with Newcastle Waldorf school and possibly Armidale Steiner school joining in the fun. I’ve put Linuwel’s hand up to host next year…watch this space!