Linuwel School recently hosted over fifty delegates representing Steiner schools from almost all states and territories in Australia. There was also representation from Steiner schools in New Zealand. We were grateful to all who contributed to making the school look its best; from students and teachers to grounds and admin staff and of course parents and guardians who contributed nutritiously delicious treats and coffee for the guests to enjoy.  The event was catered for by Ali Mohammadi who prepared Afghani curries, soups, pastries and salads. He certainly received a great wrap at the close of the conference. The team at Organic Feast Cafe hosted the conference dinner on Saturday evening and Efen led musicians in some Indonesian songs and background music. The level of community involvement in making the meeting a success was heartwarming. In spite of the constant rain, this three day gathering was enormously successful, it was and will always be a powerfully enriching event in the life of Linuwel School.  Students led the opening of the meeting by welcoming guests in Bahasa Indonesia, Gathang and English and by playing fusion pieces on gamelan, strings and wind instruments. On the grounds the swamp hens were on display, busily building nests high up in the reeds and the frogs and rushing waterfall made for interesting viewing and listening for our guests. It is a popular opinion that Linuwel School looks its best in the misty, moist weather.

The delegates engaged in focused conversations around four main themes including: staff migration; succession planning; Governance/Leadership relationship and codes of conduct. The delegates also engaged in rich discussions inspired by questions devised and posed by Peggy Day relating to Steiner’s Study of Man/Foundations of Human Experience. Other school focused discussions were centered on: IT; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural studies; Eurythmy; Nature Play; Speech and Waldorf 100.

Creative Speech was the daily, artistic activity facilitated by Ron Caisley who was one of the founding teachers of Linuwel School. The sun finally shone upon the Saturday afternoon smoking ceremony performed by Uncle Steve and the talk delivered by Mitch Mahoney.  Mitch eloquently elaborated on his artistic process and the story/inspiration behind the design of each pole. This  biannual event consistently provides a rich opportunity for schools to share, collaborate, connect and showcase their unique settings and values. It was certainly a privilege for the Linuwel School community to host a gathering of such experienced and passionate Steiner school leaders.