Once again the extended Linuwel Community welcomed and provided a very positive cultural exchange for all of the 39 students from Tachibana High School in Tokyo. Linuwel School is very grateful to our host families without whose generosity this experience could not be added to the overall, Linuwel educational experience. The Tachibana community value this opportunity for their students as expressed in this excerpt from a letter received from the Tachibana Principal;

Dear Principal,
All our students and teachers came back home safely last night! I cant’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and hospitality in letting them study at your school.Kitayama and Sumida sensei told me this study tour was the best of all they’ve had before. They all are impressed by your warmest hospitality. And every students said each host family is excellent! Thank you very much for your kind cares and hospitality! Especially please give my best regards to Mr.Gerrard, all your teachers and the students of your school!
Best regards.

Chitaru Kodaira
Tachibana High School

We shared experiences at school as well as visits to Blackbutt Reserve and our regular Port Stephens Dolphin Cruise. Waylon Boney also organised a wonderful Aboriginal cultural sharing with the visiting students along with many of ours.

Two Linuwel students attended Tachibana High School on exchange earlier in the year and found it to be an insightful and enriching experience. Their Japanese language skills were challenged and extended and their host families were warm and generous. Wearing a uniform was a novelty too!

Once again, arigatou gozaimasu to the school community for supporting this initiative.