little_yaraLittle Yarra Steiner School Ensemble was welcomed by Linuwel School in term 3, 2017 leaving in their melodious, rhythmical wake an inspired community! Their high level of professionalism, impressive technique and vibrant repertoire was brilliant to witness. This talented group of students and inspiring teachers hail from Little Yarra Steiner School in Victoria and they were able to use Linuwel School as a comfortable base for four days whilst they were fulfilling gigs on of their east coast tour. The Ensemble has toured New Zealand, Hawaii and extensively throughout Australia and their lead teacher Damien acknowledged several times that the warmth and friendliness shown to them by the Linuwel School community was unique and much appreciated. Thanks Damien!

The Linuwel extra curricula ensembles, who are directed by Karen Drury, were given the opportunity to workshop with the LYSS ensemble for a few hours and then participate in two concerts. The first performance was for the students and teachers and an evening concert was offered to the community. The manner in which the Linuwel musicians focused and committed to the whole experience was so exciting and many from both schools felt that this was a meaningful connection that will hopefully continue in many forms into the future. Thanks for sharing with us LYSS Ensemble; we are a community who continue to sway and hum your melodies and we look so forward to our next opportunity to collaborate with you!